About Us and Our Phone Cases

Make Phone Case is a social design service where you can create custom phone cases with your own design. We turn your design into a real case, using our advanced technology, print it and ship it to you.

Our phone cases are designed to protect your phone from damage at the same time reflecting your interests, passion, hobby or anything that is special to you or loved ones around you. Design is printed directly on your phone case and cured with UV light, high quality print is scratch resistant and will not fade or rub off for long time, every case is inspected before shipping to ensure high quality for every order. You are buying only phone case not phone illustrated in images and video.

We offer 4 kinds of cases: Rigid plastic, Silicone/Gel/Rubber, Leather and Hybrid case.

Phone cases are transparent, except design, design is solid color. We will offer more kinds of phone cases in the future, subscribe for news and keep yourself updated.

All cases are Snap-On cases and do not require any dissembling of your phone. Please do not use any tools to remove your phone cover from the phone, it might cause damage to your phone, we can’t take responsibility if you do so. Silicone/Gel/Rubber and Rigid Plastic cases might have different types of button and port openings please check images to ensure if they are suitable for you, charger openings are designed to be used with original chargers. Leather inside the cover there are two slots in the opening flap, to hold cards or cash. A magnetic catch holds the front flap shut so to provide maximum protection. Hybrid case design made of rigid back and flexible bumper,slim protection stays pocket and grip-friendly

The print covers back of the case slightly overlapping over the edges as much as printer allows keeping the edge of the print sharp, it does not cover sides of the phone case. The print is scratch resistant, but we don’t recommend to keep your phone case with metal objects such as keys coins’ materials that are sharp and other hard materials. If you would like to use your own image we are happy to help, please note that better the quality of the image the better the quality of the print, the image used has to be in high resolution. In rear cases the color tone of the image can be slightly different in real life than the one shown in images, it is because every monitor or device will show the image slightly different depending on settings and performance specifications.

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